Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Arrogant?!....no, I don't think so!

It's been a while, lets have a catch up......
We'll get another spider drama out the way 1st, you'd think I had a bloody infestation!!
I'm 1 of those people that likes to decorate my bed with an abundance of fancy cushions & bolsters & I waste 5 minutes of my life removing them from my bed every night & putting them into neat piles, then another 5 minutes of my life re-arranging them back on every morning (10 minutes per day I'll never get back, but my OCD permits me from slacking) So I'm doing my usual the other morning & this big b*stard spider runs across the cushion as I'm holding it!!! So what do I do?! I throw the f*cking thing onto my bed don't 1!! Then I start screaming because there's a big Spider on my bed as though it wasn't my fault it got there!! It was utter pandemonium after that trying to remove the damn thing!! I'm so lucky my 3 year old never witnesses any of these spider dramas I have, she's always sleeping when I come across 1 thankfully!

It's at times like these I need a man.....spider removal is the only thing I need a man for!

On that subject, 'The Previous' was back for a couple of days after he finished International Duty so after I seen him off on the Wednesday afternoon, I forgot to close the electric gates behind him....the door bell rang a few minutes later & I thought it was him coming back because he'd forgotten something (like a swift kick to the balls!!......Just joking son)
But it wasn't him, it was in fact Douglas Walker, a reporter from The Sun newspaper. Now I dislike reporters but I especially dislike this 1, reason being, he is notorious for writing nasty stories about me & you'd actually think he knew me personally, the way he portrays a story (I use the term 'story' loosely) the guy has never met me before in his entire life & knows absolutely nothing what so ever about me!
So there he is standing on my doorstep bold as brass & I suddenly realise.....there's most definitely an underlining issue here.......with people like him, it could be any number of reasons, so in future, when he decides to send me a cheeky email thinking he's a smart arse, I'll just consider the possibilities, then, I may consider posting it online & let the public decide the reasoning behind why a grown man would feel the need to behave in such a manner towards a complete stranger
My advise.......refrain in future Dougie Boy, refrain (& stay to hell away from my house!!)

Now, I remember people close to me always telling me that the press would eventually get bored & leave me alone & I'd just have to ride it out until that day.....but that day never arrived & here we are, 8 long years down the line & I'm still being harassed, negative stories are still being printed occasionally & a caricature of me is depicted within the press.

All I can say is, if you don't know me personally, refrain from being judgemental.
Just remember, a reporter writing a story does not personally know the person the story is being written about, it's hearsay, it's gossip, it's exaggeration, it's quite simply..........bullshit!
I have never associated myself with the press & it's as though this is my punishment, they've deliberately never left me alone because I always refused to speak to them! They've been known to  camp outside my house or they randomly invade my privacy turning up on my doorstep unannounced & thats acceptable behaviour in this day & age, is it?! Really?!! Ridiculous!!!
Just wait for it, as punishment for me writing this, I'll have a nasty assed story written about me......
Bothered? Me? Bothered? I'm not bothered!
Anyway, moving swiftly on.......

My 3 year old daughter, Noelle, has had problems with her eyes since birth. We noticed a severe turn in her eyes when she was a newborn & she's regularly visited Yorkhill hospital as a consequence ever since. She's needed to undergo operations unfortunately & life hasn't been easy for the wee soul. As she's got slightly older, she was diagnosed with 3 different eye problems- she's short sighted, she has a Stigmatism & also Nystagmus. She's due yet another gruelling operation but her surgeon is reluctant to operate on her again until he has attempted to rectify the current problem with her sight. The vision in her right eye is a lot worse than her left so in order to rectify this, she has been prescribed Atropine Eye Drops. Twice a week, I have the unfortunate task of inserting the Astropine drops into her left eye in order to distort the vision & allow her right eye to work subsequently, repairing the vision. Fingers crossed it works....it is not a pleasant experience for her as the drops sting her eye & she gets quite upset & it's obviously upsetting for me as her Mum, having to do that even although it is for her own benefit, she's too tiny to understand that, although, I have sat her down & explained to her thoroughly in the hope she realises I'm doing this to help her.

As a result of the distorted vision, her balance is affected & she struggles for 72 hours every week....I have to watch her every move & wrap her up in cotton wool so that she doesn't fall over or hurt herself. It's not easy doing this on my own & I'm feeling a bit emotional at the moment having to watch her suffer but I'm hoping it has the desired effect the Optometrist says it will & her next hospital appointment will bring good news.
I'm absolutely dreading the impending operation though, its awful watching your toddler be put under General Anaesthetic. She's such a happy wee girl considering though, so I'm obviously doing something right......

& on the subject of my daughters eyes, that brings me to a subject I'd like to discuss in order to set the record straight! I have every right to defend myself with regard to stories printed about me & it's time I give my side of the story, the truthful side! The truth is always far different from what the newspapers print & it's about time people realised that. I was approached by newspaper reporters & asked to comment on this subject, but the truth is, anything you say either gets exaggerated, taken out of context, blown out of proportion or used against you & its just a pointless escapade. The only way to tell your side of a story in your owns words, is by finding your own method of doing so.

So here goes, from scratch......
Noelle hadn't long since had 1 of her eye operations & we were back in Glasgow from Istanbul for her to have a follow up appointment with her surgeon at Yorkhill Hospital. We were only back for 2 days & there were loads of mundane tasks & chores to squeeze in while we were there. So, whilst driving back from her hospital appointment & heading into town, Noelle began to get upset which then lead to her being extremely distraught because I was driving the car & couldn't tend to her. At the time, because she was so tiny & couldn't communicate, we were unaware of what she could actually see & it was a possibility that the car upset her so much because the distance from the backseat to me in the front seat meant she couldn't see me properly & she was scared. If there was another adult sitting in the back with her comforting her, she was fine, but I can't do that when I'm on my own & have to drive so it was very difficult travelling in the car with her most of the time. 
I drove down Mitchell Street but Mitchell Lane had been coned off for maintenance work. It was a Friday afternoon & the street was deserted because the workmen had finished for the day so I decided to pull the car over in order to get out & tend to Noelle because she was at the stage where she was so upset & crying so much, that she was making herself sick. Now look at it from my point of view as a parent, my daughters breaking her heart crying because she wants her Mum, if I continue driving without comforting her, it will only gets worse, if she's sick & she chokes, there could be an accident if I continue driving the car without defusing the situation, so tell me, is there anyone out there that would have continued driving? Or do you all agree with me that it was safer for both myself, Noelle & other road users for me to stop in a safe place & help my distraught child? I wasn't obstructing anything, I wasn't holding up traffic or causing a danger to any other road users or pedestrians, I had stopped in a safe place, full stop! Better that than an accident surely!
So these 2 female traffic wardens come along the street & from the word go, they have an attitude with me. They were abrupt, they were disrespectful & they were attempting to antagonise me. I was focusing on Noelle so there attempts to rattle me fell on deaf ears. Basically when they told me to "MOVE" I informed them I was tending to my distraught daughter. I wasn't irate nor was I cheeky, I merely explained why I'd stopped. They then attempted to mock my voice, repeating what I'd said like 2 children in a playground. Obviously I ignored it, I was giving my child a drink of water & soothing her & I honestly didn't have an interest in anything else. This went on for a good 5 minutes or so, both of them standing behind me harassing me. There was no need, if they want to give me a ticket, give me the ticket & move on....why they felt the need to continue standing there, badgering me & harassing me, explains the reasoning why they shouldn't be working alongside member of the public in the 1st place.
The whole point in me driving along Mitchell Street was to get out the other side of Mitchell lane, park my car in Queens Street & do what I needed to do, 1 task was collect alterations from SewEasy. I've known the girls there since I've been 17 years old so its safe to say they know me. I phoned them explained the situation, explained where I was parked & told them I wouldn't be able to collect the alterations on this visit because Noelle was so upset & I had to take her home. 1 of the girls came out of the shop to see if Noelle was ok & she'd brought an item of clothing with her to tell me it needed a replacement button & hadn't been fixed yet so I said never mind its fine & she put it in my car. Now this obviously made the traffic wardens irate because they seen that as me standing about there in order to receive my alteration which was not the case, I hadn't collected the rest! They began writing the ticket (which they should have just got over & done with in the 1st place!) I'd given Noelle a cuddle & a dummy by this point & she was calming down now so it was finally time for me to move on. As I circled the car to the drivers door, 1 of the traffic wardens was standing in the middle of the road hanging in the window of a dry cleaning van speaking to the driver. The other warden was standing at my passenger door writing out the ticket. As I began to drive away, the warden writing the ticket shouted to the other 1 she hadn't got the ticket written out yet & in a fit of rage she punched her fist off of my back passenger window where Noelle's car seat was & frightened her resulting in her becoming distraught all over again! I was so angry & so upset but I put it to the back of my mind, in retrospect, I should have reported them immediately!
Time passed, as in, months elapsed.....& then out of the blue, 2 police officers turned up at my parents house claiming they couldn't get me at my address (I was in Istabul, maybe that's a legitimate explanation as to why?!!) the police officers issued a Citation. Now you have to ask yourself a question at this point.......how did they know who to issue the Citation to??? Because the car I was driving did not have a private registration plate & it did not belong to me so my name & address was not linked to the vehicle, it was a leased vehicle in a friends name because I'd sold my car & hadn't got my new 1 yet. I did ask this question, & I was told the police identified me from the CCTV footage....really? 2 split seconds the camera was on my face & no one could identify me for definite with that footage. The fact here is, the Traffic wardens knew exactly who I was & that's the reason why they were harassing me & also the reason why it was taken this far, plain & simple!
The traffic wardens were taking me to court claiming "Dangerous Driving" & "Assault with a Motorised vehicle"......lying through their teeth that I'd hit 1 of them with my car! Obviously this was an absurd accusation & I hadn't even been approached by the police for my side of the story, just an automatic Citation issued!! (not adhering to protocol) Unbelievable!! 
Then began the gruelling 2 years of back & forth to Glasgow Sherrif Court, the stress & upset involved was unreal. I was having to bring my mum & dad down south to take care of Noelle whilst her Daddy was at Training so that I could drive 4 hours back to Glasgow to attend court for something I hadn't done because I couldn't take noel with me & unsettle her routine, she was back & forth as it is for hospital appointments & wedding preparation. 
Eveytime I appeared in court, I was given a different trial date & when my lawyer requested this nonsense be thrown out of court, the Procurator Fiscal said no because it was a "High Profile" case.....who the fuck were they expecting to appear?? Fuckin Bèyonce?!! 
Finally, the inevitable happened & the trail began in May this year & after several embarrassing visits back & forth to court that resulted in me being followed by paparazzi with cameras in my face (so bloody stressful) I had to sit in the stand like a criminal & hear this Pitbull moving her wasp aside in order to spout her lies! She accused me of "Clipping her shoulder with my wing mirror".....a complete physical impossibility & the CCTV proved that, in yet, she still stood in that dock, swearing on oath & lying through her teeth, even saying at one point that I moved away at speed & ran a red light! Absolute bullshit! & again, the CCTV proved she was lying by showing me moving off slowly then stopping (because 1 of them punched the window of my car!!) then moving off again at a normal speed! I was especially angry at that lie & the security guard sitting beside me took my hand & reassured me it would be ok, he put me at ease & I was thankful to him. You can imagine the frustration I was feeling having to sit there & listen to all this knowing the truth was a completely different story & knowing the Reporter sitting behind me making notes, was going to write some shitty story that makes me look like a Villain (nothing new there then!) & all this rigmarole happening in the run up to my wedding (that didn't fuckin happen) when I should be stress free & chilled out! 
I was not called to the stand to give my side of the story & nor was the 3rd witness, because the judge had clearly heard enough & wanted to end this mockery of the justice system & because he knew this would be publicised, although he knew I was innocent, he gave me a warning saying my behaviour "could have been deemed as arrogant" so the press pounce on that & that becomes the heading for their ridiculous story. I'm sure if I would have taken the stand & given my perspective on things, the word 'arrogant' wouldn't have came into play at all as I've just explained everything, you can judge that for yourselves!
The entire nonsense trial, was caused by 2 people employed by Glasgow City Council, abusing their positions & using tax payers money to put an innocent person through trial....if that doesn't get the public angry then nothing will! You're hard earned money, that you work for, was used & abused by her to pay her court fees!!!! Absolutely disgusting!!
I want to say a special thank you to the officer appointed to sit beside me in the dock, who appeared to be extremely happy that justice had prevailed & he told me so.....genuine people stand by genuine people! So now you all know the truth & it just goes to show how dangerous it is that 2 complete strangers can attempt to sabotage your reputation & your life when you've done nothing but be a good mother to your baby....absolutely sickening!!!!!!! 
I'm obviously glad its all over & the outcome was in my favour, & rightly so, but the entire situation leaves a sour taste in my mouth as I feel those 2 bulldozers should have been charged with committing Perjury......

It has been a really stressful & exasperating few months to say the least, so 1 of my close friends took me out for a few much needed cocktails to cheer me up. I'm not a big drinker but I do enjoy the odd French Martini or a wee cheeky Pornstar once in a while.......& I think I deserve it considering!

Also, I went to the cinema with friends to see Legend, the Tom Hardy film about The Krays.....love a bit of tom Hardy, delicious specimen! It was really funny in parts too! I highly recommend!

I've had another Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment done by Caroline at Moya Wren Permanent Cosmetics & I'm starting to notice a considerable fading now thankfully so all the effort hasn't been in vain, its a painful & itchy process but I'll tolerate it to see a significant improvement & hopefully complete removal of the tattoo, fingers crossed!

I'll keep you posted on the progress!

I've also had another session of all my Laser Hair Removal & the hair is all basically gone now....its been a lengthy process but its been worth it! I'm happy with the results so a special thank you to my Beautician Justyna at Synergy MediSpa Giffnock.

I've also visited my hairdresser Karen, at 132 West Regent Street, lately to sample a new hair treatment on the market called Olaplex. Basically, its a treatment developed by 2 Scientists....a single active ingredient designed to reconnect the disulphide sulfur bonds broken by the process of permanent hair colouring & claims to strengthen & give incredible shine to colour treated hair. I have had this treatment twice now & I can honestly say I have never seen my hair this shiney before & for a blonde, my hair is in really good condition usually, but this treatment has taken it up a notch. I will be continuing to get it applied to my hair after every monthly colour treatment from now on....it really does live up to what it claims to do so I'd highly recommend to anyone that regularly colours their hair.

(My eyelashes are natural people....it's 1 of the main questions I get asked, so no, I don't have eyelash extensions)

I've had a few people contact me lately through Social media asking me to discuss my diet & exercise regime on my Blog & asking if I have any tips to give.....

I've been really dedicated to my health & fitness lifestyle again lately.
Anyone that knows me, knows I am a health & fitness fanatic & always have been & despite all the upset I've endured lately, it hasn't stopped me from looking after myself, quite the contrary, its motivated me further to eat healthily & exercise regularly to maintain my energy levels in order to take care of my daughter properly.
I would never recommend dieting, personally, I don't feel its a beneficial method of loosing weight or being healthy. My advise.....eat healthily but never deprive yourself of the things you enjoy, never deny yourself the treats you love, eat them in moderation, stops you craving & over indulgence later down the line. My eating habits have always been very structured & quite repetitive if I'm honest....I'm a creature of habit & that works for me.

*I'll kick my day off with cereal in the morning, always BranFlakes, always with semi-skimmed milk & I load the bowl up with fresh banana & strawberries & wash it down with freshly squeezed orange juice. 

*Mid-morning snack is always 2 large boiled eggs & a large bowl of tropical fresh fruit salad. 
*Lunch is always a salad, high in protein, consisting of; lettuce, cucumber, tomato, spring onion, red onion, red, green, orange & yellow peppers, beetroot, avocado, grated raw carrot & chicken....drizzled with olive oil & balsamic vinegar.

I have the same breakfast, mid-morning snack & lunch every single day & I never alter it.

My Moto is; "If It's not broke, don't fix it!" 
The only thing that differs for me from day to day is my dinner. I will eat red meat, poultry, fish, pasta, an abundance of vegetables & it always varies because of boredom.....the dishes are made by me from scratch so that I no the ingredients & I never add salt to anything, ever!

(from top Fillet Steak with corn, carrots, green beans & mash potato, 2nd, Gammon Joint, cabbage & potato crochets, lastly, Steak Pie, peas, green beans & mashed potato with chives & as you'll see, there's always a mini-version for my mini-me!)

Anyone that knows me, knows that I was a gymnast when I was younger, which calls for willpower. Everything I ate was always low cholesterol because my mum was on a low-cholesterol diet for health reasons & the whole family adopted it & I've stuck with it throughout life. I have an intolerance for greasy, fried foods & I'm not overly keen on dairy products either. I have a sweet tooth & thats my only vice.....I'll eat sweets & chocolate in moderation, quite simply because.....I enjoy it & why the hell not!

A friend of mine that I went to school with has qualified as a level 3 Personal Trainer. He's exceptionally good at what he does, he's chilled out, he's patient but he also pushes you way beyond your aspirations. He's helped me regain my motivation, my energy levels, my confidence, my ability to achieve the goals I'd set myself (& I've smashed them!!).....the list is endless & I'm truly thankful to him for the effort he's put into helping me over the last 3 months! I've noticed a remarkable difference in my physique, I was always toned, but now I'm exceptionally toned considering I've only been training again for 3 months. Don't get me wrong, I vent my frustrations at him for not having my bubble butt back yet & if I'm having an off day with low energy levels & he won't allow me to slack, I'll stop mid-exercise to Shazam something playing on his iPad just to waste a bit of time.....needless to say, he's not overly impressed when I start that shit & it's most definitely a battle of wills between us both on occasion, but the banter is definitely top quality haha!

So if anyone is looking for that extra motivation (or kick up the arse) to achieve their fitness goals, Davie Hannah is most definitely your man.....I highly recommend!

As you can see from the above picture, I'm motivated enough now to train at my own gym too & I have the capabilities to push myself further in order to achieve the desired physique.

So motivated in fact, that I use the apparatus to pose for selfies, see that now.....excellent use of facilities! I'm an absolute machine.....

I am a strong believer that you can only ever be the best version of yourself, don't aspire to be like anyone else, you'll only ever be left deflated because it's an unrealistic expectation.

You are who you are, you can't change your fundamentals & you can't miraculously change your physical structure either, you can only work with what you have.
Accept the fact that everyone is unique & embrace yourself for who & what you are.
Especially when you have a child to raise....be a good role model!

There's my Jeremy Kyle quote for the week, better than talking about plugs I suppose!

Next time I'll be discussing sexual positions & optimising orgasms......
no actually it'll be all about Make-up (my favourite subject other than sex) & a little bit of gossip!

Until next time,

Love Ya!

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  1. You are an inspiration Leah! My wee boy is 4 and has 2 eyes from 2 different drawers aswell hes taken ok to wearing patches and has completed 4 months so far and the optometrist is omeased there is a marked improvement in his bad eye .. hopefully they are that young with mums on top of the situation they will thank us when they are older! Love your blog xx