Saturday, 15 August 2015

Spiders, difficult questions & dramas!

The last few weeks have been somewhat entertaining........

A friend informed me of all the Journalists online, jumping on the bandwagon writing stories about my Swarovski Crystal Louboutins, why the fascination with these shoes?! They've caused quite a stir apparently! There are supposedly several stories relating to the 'dramatic flop' of the online tell me this then, when a clothing boutique or even a department store, stocks up on items & displays them online & in-store, does every item in every size sell within a weeks time frame & if not, is the store then labelled a 'dramatic flop'??? I'll leave you to ponder that 1......

There has been no new stories in newspapers of late, thankfully.....maybe due to the fact they are currently being sued, Mmmmm, always a possibility I suppose! Can't just continuously sabotage peoples lives & reputations & expect to get away with it can you?!!


I've been enjoying delving back into my Interior Design again, I've missed it, it's therapeutic & enjoyable! I'm debating whether to begin my company again.

I'll randomly show you some of my designs past & present since this is a lifestyle blog as well as beauty, I'll share my passion for interior design.
1 of my favourite designs to date is the kitchen & family room area that I designed in the Glasgow house, its bright, airy & it flows quite seamlessly, it's a quite dramatic & alluring space in yet still manages to feel homely. It's large & open, with an abundance of kitchen worktops & a ridiculous amount of cupboards & storage. The black & white colour scheme is timeless & with lots of reflective surfaces, mirrors, metallics, chandeliers, glass wall art & clever lighting, it's aesthetically pleasing.

I took a different approach for the house down south. Again, a massive open space that combined not only the kitchen & family room but also the dining area too. I redesigned that entire section of the house & moved the kitchen from where it was originally on the build plan to where I thought more appropriate, right along the back wall of the house facing out onto the spacious garden through an entire wall of glass.

On this occasion, rather than glitz & glamour, I went for an ultra modern & minimalist look.
A mixture of black, grey & powder blue, again using clever lighting to change the mood & atmosphere & adding an array of textures like leather, fur, snakeskin & velvet makes the space both inviting & luxurious.

I'm currently in the process of installing a padded snakeskin wall into a home bar & having mirrored curtain pelmets installed, so I'll keep you updated on the progress & finished results.

Last week I visited the Cinema with a friend. If anyone hasn't seen SouthPaw yet, it's a must see! Apart from the fact Jake Gyllenhaal is absolutely dreamy & down right delicious, it's an extremely entertaining film, I'd highly recommend......& for once, me & my friend Andrea, didn't disturb anyone else in the Cinema with our usual hilarity, we were too busy bubbling! If you're feeling a bit fragile or emotional, best give it a rain check!

I've had my hands full lately with my 3 year old!!

She's at the inquisitive stage where she asks questions randomly about what I'd deem adult topics......
Her latest enquiry was regarding the growth of babies. Initially, I was unprepared for questions such as these, I wasn't expecting them for another few years yet, she is still a toddler after all!
So she says; "Mummy, where do babies actually come from?" (Actually is the word of the moment & she uses it in the correct context every time) the use of her word actually on this particular occasion is basically her saying, right don't bullshit me!!! So, I paused for thought before informing her that it's really quite simple...."Noelle, you know when Peppa Pig goes to Grandad Pig's house to help him in his garden & she plants the seeds in the soul & the seed grows into a pretty plant?"......"Yes Mummy?"......"Well, it's a similar idea with a baby, Daddy plants the seed in Mummy & the baby grows in Mummy's tummy!".......TaaaaaaDaaaaa successful answer, massive pat on the back I give myself for that 1! I amaze even myself on occasion.....! So then she says, "But Mummy, how does Daddy actually plant the seed though?" (There's that bloody word of the moment again), Mmmmmm right ok; "Well Noelle, ask your Daddy that question because he knows all about that"......."Uuuuuuh ok Mummy, I'll FaceTime him tonight & ask him all about it".......I sooooooo can't wait for this, it'll be rather amusing I should think!

Subsequently, every night has been filled with an array of questions regarding this subject.....I regularly get bombarded with "Mummy, why did my Daddy cancel the wedding?"......"Mummy, how can I have a baby brother or sister if Daddy has stolen all the seeds?".......I particularly like that 1, I can't help but laugh, but at the same time, it's really quite heartbreaking to think she's only a wee tot & her wee mind is plagued by all this & clearly upsetting her. Lot's of attention & Mummy cuddles should hopefully help!

And Daddy, stop stealing the damn seeds!! Sake!!

I had an absolute melt-down this week & my biggest *****EPIC FAIL!!!!!*****

I was cradling Noelle in a Mummy bear hug putting her to bed after running through my answers to her usual variety of difficult questioning, turned round to leave her bedroom & seen the BIGGEST fucking spider imaginable!!!!! Climbing up her wall owning the gaff!! Big bastard!! Fucking shat myself!!!! Screamed like a Banshee, ran about like a crazed lunatic, launched a welly boot at it, missed, big bugger scurried to hide behind a massive ornate mirror which subsequently fell off the wall on 1 side, I'm having palpitations, phoned my dad & had to get him to come to my house to remove the spider & fix the mirror.........So my poor Mum & Dad drive all the way to my house just to remove this spider so that me & Noelle can go to bed & sleep soundly without any dramas!
Thanks Mum & Dad....pair of Diamonds!!!!!

Moving swiftly on........

I've been cooking up a storm in the kitchen as usual, I try & vary the ingredients as much as possible so as not to bore my 3yr old, its quite the task!

Flavoured Mince, mashed potato with chives, carrots & peas was a favourite, top left. Top right was my home made Szechuan Chicken & boiled rice, bottom left was my legendary Chicken Stroganoff & I prepared my usual massive fruit salad.....well taken care of!

I've also been on the look out for new restaurants to visit in Glasgow that I've not yet tried, now that I'm're spoiled for good quality restaurants in Yorkshire, very high standard food & I do miss it. There are a few restaurants I'd probably prefer not to visit in Glasgow due to embarrassing past experiences, looking back on them now, is quite hilarious!! On 1 occasion, we were doing the whole 'couples' thing & 8 of us were all out in this restaurant (which will remain nameless) & my mental friend & her equally mental partner were behaving in their usual bonkers way with a complete disregard for anyone else round about them because their antics thrived on the shock factor......& shock they did, on numerous occasions!! Picture the scene.....classy establishment, 8 round a table, eating our dinner, regular conversation & out of nowhere, he puts his hand down her top, fiddles about in her bra, brings out 1 of her chicken fillets, chucks it up into the air, it sticks to the ceiling above our heads, we remain unfazed & carry on eating our dinner waiting for the inevitable to eventually happen as the chicken fillet gradually unsticks.......

Now as you can imagine, there were other diners in this restaurant who had witnessed this drama unfolding & I don't know what shocked them more, the fact she's getting felt up in a packed restaurant, the fact a boob enhancement is stuck to the ceiling above our heads or the fact that none of us reacted to it & just carried on eating. I do miss the madness.....crackpots!

I have been a regular visitor to 1 of my favourite Italian cafes, Arcafe in the WestEnd, family run, amazing food, love it! Nowhere better to go for lunch in my opinion.

Had a cheeky wee trip to Cup on Byres road last week too......

Strawberry & Cotton Candy flavoured Cupcakes YUM!

Regular visits to my Personal Trainer going strong & the bubble butt growing nicely you'll be happy to hear! My Glutes & Hamstrings are constantly in tatters though.....Cheers DHFitness!!

On retrospect, should have did a series of ass pics for reference, I'm sure my Personal Trainer would oblige with taking pictures of my butt for me for your viewing pleasure hahahahahahaha!

I've been practicing my hair skills this week & sampling my GHD large barrel tongs, I'm bloody fabulous at it, burnt my eyebrow & now I've got a really attractive (& noticeable) big red patch!

Utter Half-wit!

Favourite hair products lately have been Kerestase & Lanza.....amazing manageability & shine & as previously discussed, I use a hair mask once or sometimes twice a week to keep my hair in the best condition possible. Highly recommend!

Cost effective home DIY hair mask of choice lately is as follows:
Add 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil & 1 Tablespoon of Honey to a mashed up Avocado, massage it all over your head, combing it through the lengths & ends, leave on for 20 minutes before rinsing. VOILĂ€!! Shine, soft & healthy looking hair!

I have lots of pampering session planned for the coming week, so I will sample & document everything & have lots of information (& my valued opinion) to divulge to you in my next blog!

I leave you with this 1.....if you're having a bad day, think how much worse it could could be finishing up drying your hair & when winding up the cord for the hairdryer, you smack yourself on the fanny with the plug! Always feel lucky & privileged!

Until next time,

Love ya!

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  1. I used the seed in the tummy story too!! Brilliant! Love your blog your a complete maddie lol cant wait for another installment xxx

    1. Haha thank you.....glad you enjoy it! I must be doing something right at least x

  2. Hi Leah! How many sessions did you need of the Xlase? Thinking of getting it myself! x

    1. Everyone is different, hair density & the amount of hair you have under the surface of the skin which can't be initially determined, all play major factors in the amount of sessions you'll need so there's no way to say for sure. A rough indication can be given by the beautician when she's had a look at the area you want to have lazered & the average amount of sessions is approximately 6, but everyone is different so it just depends x

  3. Hi Leah...Was wondering if you could help me...I'm seriously considering laser hair removal on my upper lip and chin area and wondered if you could point me in the right direction of somewhere in the Glasgow area...I have no knowledge of anything health and beauty so finding your blogs really interesting...Thanks

  4. I went to the Sk:n clinic in Gordon St in Glasgow for laser hair removal and it was great��X