Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Stress? What stress?!!

Another stressful week under my belt........I will in fact need to start investing in more belts if I don't stop loosing weight, nothing fits me anymore!! Stress is a killer!

So........my entire blog from last week was stolen & plastered across 3/4 of a page in The Sun Newspaper.......nothing more needs to be said about that- absolutely pathetic!
Pay your journalists to actually write!!!!

Anyway, moving on.........
This week has been a struggle to adapt to cooking for just me & Noelle.......I'm so used to cooking meals from scratch with fresh produce for a family & now I'm a bit lost having to reduce portion sizes significantly but still produce healthy hearty meals.....this will definitely be a work in progress & I'll just have to take on the challenge & maybe even write a "Single Mothers Guide To Healthy Eating & Lifestyle" book! Now there's an idea!!!!
So here is what I managed to produce this week:

4 hearty dinners- Roast Beef, Roast Chicken, Steak Pie & Chicken Stirfry.......I encourage my wee 1 to eat vegetables with every meal & I'm lucky she enjoys them (as long as everything is cut into tiny pieces haha!) Successful week

My poor wee angel face has been unwell this week & I'm sure other single mothers out there can relate to me when I say it's not easy looking after a violently sick toddler on your own.....to be fair to her though, despite how unwell she's been, she still manages to smile- she's such a beautiful, contented wee soul & she keeps a smile on my face & that's no easy feat these days! Unless you include my parties in the car........Noelle joins in now too (like mother, like daughter!) We can thank Dimitri Vegas And like Mike for the recent banging tunes & my dance moves are top notch!!!
High 5 Leah, you are superb!

After searching endlessly to find a nursery in Glasgow of similar calibre to the nursery Noelle attended in England (which I think I adored even more than she did, nicest people I've ever came across in my life!!) I've managed to settle her in a nursery here in Glasgow this week & she's loving it thankfully, so that's at least 1 thing ticked off the list........plus I found her a good Dance school too actually, she's a natural.......(again like Mother, like daughter & another massive high 5 for me!)
I've also found myself a new Personal Trainer & he's been tolerant or my excessive moaning about how I've lost my 'Bubble Butt' due to the fact I've not been eating healthily & exercising regularly like I normally do (I'm a self-confessed health & fitness fanatic!)........he's also adopted my terminology & is confident I will have my 'Bubble Butt' back in no time!!!! He severely put me through my paces & I was walking rather awkwardly for 3 days (so if anyone saw me, no I was not dabbling with whips, chains & gimp masks....well, not this week anyway)
So its been the week of settling back into Glasgow life! & pissy rain may I add with contempt.....

It's also been the week of Laser treatments & you could say its been a bit of a torturous week.
I began Laser hair removal a year & a half ago now & had IPL initially, which is an agonising way to remove unwanted hair permanently & I honestly don't know how I continuously went back month after month & suffered that horrendous pain! My Beautician Justyna, then began using the Xlase Plus Diode Laser & its basically a pain free way to permanent hair removal & I couldn't be any happier with the results www.xlaseplus.com
I've had full legs, underarms & full bikini area done & the fact that I no longer have to wax or shave anymore is fabulous! So lets just hope that big 70's bushes don't come back into fashion, cause then I'm screwed!
Getting my legs, underarms & Bikini lasered.......it'll be all worth it in the end!

This was also the week of returning to getting my dreaded Tattoo removal treatments done Arrrghhh!
This is what I'd label torturous pain!!
I go to a clinic owned by 1 of my closest friends, Moya Wren, to get this treatment done.
I've already had several sessions to permanently remove my tattoo on my wrist. I had decided a year & a half ago to remove it because I didn't want a visible tattoo when I was envisioning being an elegant bride on my wedding day........& so it began! Nothing to do with what the tattoo is, purely because I didn't like where it was on my body, we all make mistakes & we live & learn!
So this week I re-visited my most dreaded treatment. Even although it's pretty quick, the healing afterwards is lengthy & its sore for a week or so........blisters, scabbing, very unattractive!

I also regularly visit Moya Wren for my Semi-Permanent makeup. What people might not already know is, I've been getting Moya to Semi-Per my lips & eyebrows for nearly 13 years now.......long, long before it was as popular as it is now.
I met Moya originally, because I stupidly entrusted in a clinic to do my eyebrows initially & it was a botch job so I did my research (which I should have done in the 1st place) & came across Moya.......I booked a consultation with her & immediately she began the process of removing the previous semi-permanent eyebrows (f*cking agony!!!) in order to re-doo them properly & professionally. That's when you know someone is at the very top of their field, when they can fix someone else mistakes & I would never trust anyone else to touch my eyebrows........I was over the moon with the results & continued to visit her every 6-9 months to top them up & have done so ever since & now so does my Mum & the majority of my friends too! I'm such a trend setter! Go Leah.......Woohoo
My eyebrows are works of Art thanks to my good friend Moya Wren!

No pampering treatments unfortunately for me this week, only torture!
I haven't had any time to focus on facials or anything else due to my daughter being unwell & focusing on nursing her back to health but after I put her to bed at night, I always make time for hair treatments. I had problems with the condition of my hair after my son died & I found it very difficult to get great condition back.......I've worked really hard at it & my hairdresser Karen will vouch for me on this 1, my hair is silky soft & smooth, virtually no split ends & for a blonde, its shines like glass! That's because I've mastered how to look after it.
You could also say, I have every hair product under the sun, so, I've got the expertise through hands on experience with a variety of products & treatments.
Hair gets used to shampoo & conditioner after a time so it's important to rotate regularly & introduce new shampoos & conditioners in order to keep the hair vibrant & bouncy. If you notice your hair limp & lifeless, time to move on to another product
(or re-evalutate your eating habits......"You are what you eat" remember that) Try not to wash your hair too often in a week, you will wash out all the natural oils & that will have an adverse effect on your hair. I use a hair mask on a weekly basis, I rotate them & never continuously use the same 1. I previously touched on the fact Coconut Oil is an amazing hair mask, I use that on occasion. My 2 favourite masks (& full range of products) at the moment are Rahua & Macadamia.

My night time ritual is taking a little glass applicator of Kèrastase Densifique & carefully spreading it throughout the scalp area then gently massaging it throughout & then combing it through. Each box (pictured above in silver) contains 1 months supply & it's advised you do this treatment for 3 months to see the desired results. I've carried it on & I'm on month 4 now & loving it, I highly recommend. You will notice new hair growth & the hair manageability is completely transformed.

I get Karen to do my Great Lengths hair extensions, which I couldn't live without! I do love them but it's difficult to keep your own hair in fantastic condition when you have extensions so its crucial you work hard at it & find the correct products to work with & learn how to look after your hair.
If I'm even seen out in public & my hair looks slightly rancid, please understand I like to use various products & I regularly leave the house with healing oils in my hair, not exactly attractive, but I reap the benefits so I'm not bothered!
Silky smooth tresses! (beautiful blow-dry by Karen at Karen&Annette Hair, 132 West Regent St)

Now as you all know, this is a beauty & lifestyle blog (unless anyone wants to discuss bondage)......I know about what I'm doing in order to advise other people & every girl loves a good recommendation about beauty products, it is after all 1 of the biggest & most profitable industries in the world!
If there are any questions anyone would like to ask or anything in particular you would like included in a blog post, then please leave a comment below & I will happily oblige.

I could write quite an interesting book on the shit I know....in fact, publishers get in touch!
Until next week people......
Love ya!

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  1. Hi Leah , hope your well.. Just wondered I bought organic coconut oil from Holland & Barrett and wanted to know do u put it straight onto Ur hair or mix with an intensive hair mask?x

    1. The Coconut Oil is the mask so it doesn't get mixed with any other product, just put it directly through the hair x

  2. Hi Leah, I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding sunbeds. Do you use them or do you fake tan? If so, what tan do you use? Claire xx

    1. No I don't use fake tan & never have, I don't like the smell or the fact it clogs the pores & dries out the skin so I'm not a fan of fake tans....if I could find 1 that was odourless & didn't cause blemishes then it might be swayed.
      I have been known to use sunbeds in the past yes, but I wouldn't obviously advise people to use them because of the risk to your skin....I should practice what I preach in that respect x

  3. Hi leah just wondering if you have ever used organic products on your hair. My hairdresser swears by them and am due to have mine coloured and just wondering if you would recommend them? It sure is a step up from the hook and cap when you felt you had an extra heartbeat in your head 😂
    Thanks Tracey